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Video Analytics

Our video analytics technology is a sophisticated search engine that provides alerting capabilities for video surveillance. This solution sorts through hours of video with ease quickly locating a specific person, vehicle, or object to save time. Video Analytics alerting allows you to be proactive and actionable for specific events.


Video analytics provides advanced capabilities to extract valuable insights from video footage. It encompasses technologies such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, and occupancy analytics. By leveraging these tools, organizations can enhance security, optimize operations, and improve decision-making based on real-time analysis of video data.


Superior Situational Awareness

Avigilon provides a secure, scalable, and user-friendly video management system. It uses AI video analytics to alert operators to critical security events in real-time. The system proactively detects anomalies involving vehicles, individuals, and objects by analyzing perimeter and behavior data. It offers an intuitive interface, enabling users to customize video views and manage footage across multiple sites. Avigilon's solution combines enterprise-grade AI capabilities with effective information management, ensuring focused attention on relevant security incidents.

Find What You’re Looking For Faster

Maximize investigation efficiency with video management software featuring advanced search technology. Quickly search extensive recorded video using machine learning-based appearance and image detection, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Identify potential security threats effortlessly with the software's intuitive differentiation between people, objects, and vehicle types. Enhance response time by efficiently prioritizing events through AI-powered notifications based on predetermined rules. When time is critical, this software accelerates investigations while maintaining comprehensive insights.

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See Security In
Greater Detail

Avigilon video management systems offer advanced video analytics capabilities, ensuring every detail is brought into focus.

Benefit from efficient facial recognition technology that enhances fixed video feeds. Easily create, manage, and monitor watch lists for accurate and timely searches. Enable security operators to swiftly search and locate specific license plate videos for verification and investigation using license plate recognition. Optimize traffic flow and space utilization with real-time occupancy counting and heatmap analytics, providing valuable insights. Avigilon's video management systems empower you with comprehensive analytics to enhance security and operational efficiency.

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