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Access Control

TWG Security offers industry-leading access control solutions with Avigilon Alta, Salto, and more. Implement anywhere, manage from anywhere with Avigilon Alta's agile mobile access control, while Salto provides advanced, flexible, and secure access control solutions for all industry applications. Expand your infrastructure with confidence.


Enhanced access control solutions through industry-leading providers like ICT, Salto, Softwarehouse, Assa Abloy, and Avigilon Alta. Gain robust data capture, diverse camera integration, and lead-generating intelligence while maintaining data privacy. Streamline operations, optimize management, and enhance security with these trusted solutions.



Identification is the starting point, where the users provide information about their identity. Today’s systems use authentication factors like fingerprint, retinal, or facial scans, which can be used to validate them in the system. Typically, identification is done by assigning a username. The process establishes a unique user that aims to provide accountability whenever they use the system.


The authorization stage is where pre-set permissions are granted to users who’ve proven their identity’s authenticity. A reference monitor or authorization matrix stores and provides control information, mediating access to users and deciding what level of clearance should be granted.

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Accountability & Auditing 

The final factor of the access control system is accountability or audit. In this stage, your system can provide logs for auditing of permissions and use. This way, if something goes wrong, you can trace what happened, including what data is accessed or retrieved and the total duration of each task.

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