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Hands-on Technology Demos
Available For Municipalities

Experience the latest security technology with our hands-on demos. Our solutions provide an immersive and interactive experience to showcase the tools and techniques that ensure the safety and security of residents. See firsthand how our technology can prevent threats, enhance situational awareness, and create a safer environment. Let us help you take the first step towards a safer future.


Restrict Access To Specific Areas

TWG Security Can Help

Access control refers to a system that uses keycard, wireless, or biometric technology to gain access to entrances, parking lots, and other sensitive areas of your commercial property. Installing these features can allow you to limit access to these spaces, and you'll receive tracking information about those who enter. 

Deter Criminal Activity

Modern Technology To Help

Security cameras installed throughout your city may monitor activity on your property on a 24-hour basis. This often deters theft, vandalism, and trespassing, as criminals who notice surveillance cameras often choose not to risk getting caught on film. This can also allow you to keep an eye on your workers and make them less likely to engage in misconduct or illegal activities. 

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Capturing Evidence

Video Surveillance Will Assist With

If someone trespasses, burglarizes, or vandalizes an area, having security cameras can provide you with video evidence. You may hand this over to the police, which can increase the likelihood of recovering stolen

property and bringing suspects to justice. It may also provide you with footage of workers that you may use as evidence if employee harassment or theft occurs.

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Common Solutions For Townships & Boroughs

TWG Security offers comprehensive security solutions that enable you to establish a safe and secure environment. Our primary focus is safeguarding what is truly invaluable to you; your patrons, staff, and facility.

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Access Control
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Video Surveillance

Immerse yourself in a
cutting-edge technology demo.
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