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Hands-on Technology Demos
Available For Food Processing

Explore the cutting-edge advancements in food processing safety technology through our engaging hands-on demos. Our solutions offer an immersive and interactive experience, allowing you to witness the tools and techniques that guarantee the well-being and security of your workforce. Experience firsthand how our technology can mitigate risks, improve situational awareness, and establish a safer environment for food processing. Take the initial stride towards a safer future with our expert guidance.


Identify & Protect Vulnerable Areas

Strengthen Your Security Posture To

TWG Security specializes in providing comprehensive physical security solutions for the food processing industry. Our tailored services safeguard vulnerable areas like labs, mixing/weighing spaces, and ice/water processing zones against unauthorized access and liability risks. We offer electronic access control, camera surveillance and intrusion detection.

Solutions for Food Processing Facilities

Customized Video Surveillance

Video surveillance provides crucial security benefits for food processing facilities. By adhering to local legislation and employing fixed cameras with adequate resolution, it enables effective monitoring and identification, even in low-light conditions. The recordings aid incident discovery and investigation. Furthermore, video surveillance enhances overall safety by deterring potential threats and unauthorized access. Its implementation in combination with other security measures ensures a robust security framework for the facility.


Authorize Employees for the Right Areas

Streamlined Access Control

Access control plays a vital role in ensuring the security and integrity of food processing facilities. By employing physical barriers, biometric/card pass systems, and electronic devices, it restricts unauthorized entry. Access control measures, coupled with proper key control and personnel identification strategies, grant access only to authorized individuals. This robust system enhances overall safety, protects valuable assets, and prevents potential security breaches in the facility, safeguarding the integrity of the food processing process.


Client Success Stories:

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Common Solutions For Food Processing Facilities

TWG Security offers comprehensive security solutions that enable you to establish a safe and secure environment. Our primary focus is safeguarding what is truly invaluable to you; your patrons, staff, and facility.

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Concealed Weapon Detection
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Access Control
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Video Surveillance

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