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Advanced Innovation
Security Solutions

Access Control

TWG Security's access control solutions provide complete control over who enters your commercial building. Our advanced technology is more secure than traditional lock and key systems, ensuring your assets remain safe.

License Plate Recognition

TWG Security's Automatic License Plate Readers offer real-time alerts and accurate data to track vehicle movement, improving situational awareness and safety for your premises.

Quality Assurance

TWG Security offers Quality Assurance Program for physical security systems, with proactive monitoring, maintenance, and annual service, and flexible billing options for easy budgeting.

Intrusion Detection

TWG Security's advanced intrusion detection solutions provide real-time monitoring and video surveillance, quickly detecting unauthorized people, objects, and vehicles. Benefits include regulatory compliance and reduced risk of false positives.

Communication & Radios

TWG Security's critical communication solutions offer reliable and durable radios with long battery life. Customizable packages are available to fit your communication needs.

On-Premise & Cloud Video Surveillance

TWG Security's cutting-edge video surveillance technology provides crystal-clear images for proactive security and operational awareness. Protect your assets and streamline operations with our state-of-the-art HD systems.

Weapons Detection

TWG Security's Concealed Weapon Detection technology enhances your security, protecting your facility and employees from potential threats. Stay ahead with our innovative solution.

Wireless & Infrastructure Networking

TWG Security offers wireless and infrastructure networking solutions for seamless connectivity to challenging locations, with high-performance and scalable designs.

Video Analytics

TWG Security offers advanced video analytics solutions with deep learning AI technology providing real-time monitoring, insights, and alerts for enhanced security and business intelligence.

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