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Experience The Full Potential Of
License Plate Reader
Technology In Action

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Go beyond basic license plate searches and alerts

Our portfolio provides you with the tools to capture accurate license plate recognition data, but more importantly, empowers your team to use those detections to increase officer awareness, patrol productivity, and investigative efficiency.


Experience robust data capture with our technology. Scan license plates using diverse camera types, integrations, and mobile apps. Turn vehicle location data into

lead-generating intelligence, close cases, and retain full control over data sharing and privacy. Streamline operations, optimize management, and enhance security for actionable insights that propel your organization forward.


Mobile License Plate Recognition

TWG Security partners with companies that equipped their readers with dual lenses and dedicated color and infrared sensors. They excel in capturing and identifying license plates, vehicle makes, and models, regardless of lighting conditions. With new global shutter sensors capturing images at 60 frames per second, it ensures accurate scanning of high-speed vehicles. Also, through Motorola, the revamped CarDetector Mobile interface offers a user-friendly experience. Stay informed and enhance your in-car surveillance with our state-of-the-art solutions for improved accuracy, speed, and ease of use.

Quick-Deploy License Plate Recognition

Introducing a quick-deploy license plate reader camera solution. Perfect for temporary or semi-permanent installations. Combining advanced license plate recognition (LPR) technology with effortless setup, it offers unprecedented accessibility for law enforcement agencies and businesses to enhance safety and security. With versatile power options including solar, AC/DC, and a high-capacity battery, it can be deployed anywhere. Set up and activate the camera easily using a Mobile Companion app, with features like QR code-based device linking and live video-assisted aiming. Capture vehicles accurately, even in darkness, with integrated infrared illumination and a top-of-the-line starlight sensor.


Fixed License Plate Recognition

Fixed license plate recognition cameras were designed to enhance scanning capabilities on high-speed, high-traffic roadways.

With a state-of-the-art sensor, versatile lens options, and improved performance, these solutions ensure accurate and crystal-clear image capture day and night. Overcome low light challenges with reliable readability and detailed vehicle images. The broad range of lens configurations expands deployment possibilities, while its ability to capture plates on vehicles traveling up to 150 MPH guarantees accurate results even at high speeds. 

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