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Hands-on Technology Demos
Available For Utilities & Critical Infrastructure

Experience the latest in safety technology with our immersive demos. Discover tools and techniques that ensure staff safety, prevent threats, and enhance situational awareness. Safeguard your power plant, electrical substation, or treatment sites with our utility security system. Take the first step towards a safer future today.


Known Industry Pain Points

Increased Power Grid Attacks

Facilities such as power plants, electrical substations, all treatment sites have experienced an uptick in attacks, both physical and cyber, in recent years. Incidents such as shootings and vandalism at substations and disruptions planned by domestic terrorists have raised concerns about the vulnerabilities of these facilities. These attacks have caused power outages and highlighted the need for improved physical security measures.

Known Industry Pain Points

Insider Threats & Theft

Utility companies face significant concerns with insider threats and theft. Insiders affiliated with extremist groups or engaged in criminal activities can disrupt operations. Theft includes insider theft, energy theft, and theft of tools from utility trucks. Video surveillance and access control systems are effective solutions. Surveillance ensures continuous monitoring, detects suspicious activities, and provides evidence. Access control regulates entry, limiting access to authorized personnel. Integrating these technologies enhances security, prevents insider threats, deters theft, and safeguards assets and personnel.


Known Industry Pain Points

Mitigating the Threat

While no single solution can provide foolproof protection, a layered and coordinated approach to physical security is recommended. Measures such as increased fencing with access control, positioning video surveillance near critical components,  patrolmen with communication devices, thermal imaging cameras, and early detection systems. Manufacturers have also developed specialized products, such as shielded transformers and barricade systems, to protect key grid infrastructure from ballistic attacks.


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Common Security Solutions For Utility Sites

TWG Security offers comprehensive security solutions that enable you to establish a safe and secure environment. Our primary focus is safeguarding what is truly invaluable to you; your staff and facility.

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