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Advanced Innovation
Security Solutions

Access Control

TWG Security's access control solutions provide complete control over who enters your commercial building. Our advanced technology is more secure than traditional lock and key systems, ensuring your assets remain safe.

Weapons Detection

TWG Security's Concealed Weapon Detection technology enhances your security, protecting your facility and employees from potential threats. Stay ahead with our innovative solution.

Intrusion Detection

TWG Security's advanced intrusion detection solutions provide real-time monitoring and video surveillance, quickly detecting unauthorized people, objects, and vehicles. Benefits include regulatory compliance and reduced risk of false positives.

On-Premise & Cloud Video Surveillance

TWG Security's cutting-edge video surveillance technology provides crystal-clear images for proactive security and operational awareness. Protect your assets and streamline operations with our state-of-the-art HD systems.

Quality Assurance

TWG Security offers Quality Assurance Program for physical security systems, with proactive monitoring, maintenance, and annual service, and flexible billing options for easy budgeting.

Video Analytics

TWG Security offers advanced video analytics solutions with deep learning AI technology providing real-time monitoring, insights, and alerts for enhanced security and business intelligence.

License Plate Recognition

TWG Security's Automatic License Plate Readers offer real-time alerts and accurate data to track vehicle movement, improving situational awareness and safety for your premises.

Wireless & Infrastructure Networking

TWG Security offers wireless and infrastructure networking solutions for seamless connectivity to challenging locations, with high-performance and scalable designs.

Communication & Radios

TWG Security's critical communication solutions offer reliable and durable radios with long battery life. Customizable packages are available to fit your communication needs.

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Supported By Leading Technology Partners

Expert Education Available

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World class technology and education

Locally Based Experts

The mission of TWG Security is to administer solutions for communities, teams, and clients by supporting answers to persistent pain points. This results in consistent customer-involved success through industry awareness and experience.

TWG Security is your locally based expert with 15 years of exceptional servicing the Greater Lehigh Valley.  Our award-winning team specializes in designing, installing, and servicing critical security systems for large organizations. Count on our industry awareness and experience to provide unique solutions for your peace of mind.

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ACC-7 operator
Elite Plus Credentials

What Does It Mean To Have

As an Avigilon Elite Plus Partner, TWG Security offers advanced video analytics, AI-powered cameras, and access control solutions to enhance your security operations. Our partnership guarantees access to the latest technology, training, and support to optimize your security investment.

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Motorola Safety Reimagined

Integrating Technology For A Safer World

Safety Reimagined

Experience the power of unification with our integrated platform, combining voice, data, video, and analytics for more powerful connections. Our solutions address industry challenges and create a
safer world in schools, airports, or beyond. Discover how our technology can provide the certainty of safety you need while maximizing productivity and enhancing customer experience.

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Unmatched Engineering Expertise for

Unwavering System Stability

TWG Security boasts an exceptional team of highly skilled engineers who design and maintain cutting-edge security and operational technology systems. This ensures unparalleled system stability, providing clients peace of mind and confidence in their security measures.

Security Engineer
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Serving The Greater Lehigh Valley

David Dooley

“We used TWG Security for our door access system and camera system in our new building. The solution they recommended works great and was exactly what we needed. Their staff was very professional and communicated well throughout the whole project as well. I would highly recommend them."
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