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Experience the Capabilities of Modern Video Surveillance Technologies

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On-Premise & Cloud-Managed
Video Surveillance

Cloud-managed video surveillance architecture offers a simplified way for all stakeholders to easily access and manage their data.

This setup allows businesses and landowners to reduce the exposure that comes with sharing data across a network and increases their data security in the process.


Enhance your security with TWG Security's customizable video surveillance solutions. Choose from cloud-based systems or powerful on-premise options for flexibility and scalability. Benefit from advanced analytics, easy installation, and comprehensive protection to safeguard your premises effectively. Discover the future of video security with TWG Security.

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Cloud video surveillance, that is flexible & scalable

Step into the future of video surveillance with TWG Security's cloud-based solutions. Gain flexibility, scalability, and real-time insights with our intelligent cloud video security systems. Enjoy easy installation, seamless integration, and robust data protection. Safeguard your premises with confidence using TWG Security's advanced cloud video surveillance technology.

Anywhere, anytime access

Easily accessible from any device and web browser, use cloud services to monitor multiple locations and cameras.

Easy remote site management

Manage sites with convenient, centralized access with user authentication.

Real-time health monitoring

Prioritize maintenance efforts with a centralized dashboard and quickly review the operational status of security systems.

video surveillance
that is powerfully
intelligent & unified

Elevate your security control with TWG Security's on-premise video surveillance solutions. Maintain complete data control, scalable infrastructure with our powerful on-premise systems. Access critical security information instantly, while ensuring comprehensive protection and seamless management. Experience the pinnacle of on-premise video surveillance with TWG Security.


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