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What is the HALO Smart Sensor 3C?

The Halo Smart Sensor 3C by IP Video Corporation is an advanced IoT device designed to enhance safety and monitor air quality across various indoor environments. This latest model features top-notch vape detection and integrates seamlessly with the Halo Cloud and Halo App, allowing for real-time monitoring and management of multiple devices. Ideal for schools, universities, and other facilities, it ensures a safe and distraction-free atmosphere.

Enhanced Security with Customizable Alerts

Key functionalities of the Halo 3C include emergency lighting, silent alarms via a panic button, and customizable alerts that respond to specific environmental conditions. These features significantly enhance the device's capability to maintain a secure environment, providing facility managers and safety officers with robust tools to monitor and respond to incidents promptly.

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A Year of Value When You Choose HALO 3C

Don't miss this opportunity to leverage the full capabilities of the Halo 3C with the added benefits of the Halo Cloud Portal. Whether you manage a school, hospital, or office building, this tool will empower you to maintain a healthier, safer environment efficiently.

The Halo Cloud Portal is expertly designed to integrate seamlessly with your Halo 3C sensors, offering unparalleled convenience and control over your monitoring systems. This portal is indispensable due to its ability to provide real-time monitoring, allowing you to access up-to-date data on air quality and system alerts from any device, anywhere. Additionally, it enhances control by enabling you to easily configure and manage all your Halo 3C sensors through a single, user-friendly dashboard. The portal also supports detailed reporting, which allows you to generate comprehensive reports on air quality metrics, aiding in making informed decisions to ensure safety and compliance in your environment.

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How HALO Smart Sensor Can Help You

Protecting Public Restroom

Public restrooms, where cameras are prohibited due to privacy concerns, often become sites for substance abuse, vaping, and other unauthorized activities. The HALO Smart Sensor addresses these challenges by detecting vaping (including THC), aggression, motion, and occupancy without compromising privacy, as it operates without audio or visual recording. This ensures safety and compliance in facility restrooms while maintaining individual privacy.

Stopping Drug Use

The HALO Smart Sensor has long been deployed in privacy-sensitive areas to detect and alert to vaping, smoking, and THC use. Many substances like marijuana and methamphetamines emit vapors that contaminate surfaces. Used in libraries, retail outlets, and public agencies, HALO detectors provide instant alerts, allowing security and facility management to address illicit drug use promptly, preventing potential overdoses and serious contamination.

Helping People Breathe Better


Indoor air quality is as crucial as outdoor air, with potential hazards from contaminants like CO2, VOCs, NO2, and particulates. HALO's air quality sensors allow facility managers to monitor and manage indoor air quality efficiently. When unsafe levels are detected, HALO alerts managers or can automatically adjust the HVAC system to improve ventilation, ensuring safer air inside buildings.

Providing Personal Security

HALO Smart Sensor is disrupting the world of physical security – in a good way! HALO has become the industry leader in monitoring facility privacy areas, as it does not use cameras, record audio, or capture any personally identifiable information to sense a multitude of readings – including gunshot detection, aggression detection, vaping, and more. HALO delivers comprehensive safety and security awareness by means of its array of sensors that detect aggression, gunshots, motion, occupancy, and keyword alerts.

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