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Safeguarding Our Schools: Avigilon’s AI-Powered Visible Firearm Detection

Prioritizing Student Safety in an Evolving World

The alarming increase in mass shootings and the rising threat to educational institutions necessitates cutting-edge security measures.
Our schools, where the future is molded, need the most vigilant protection. Is your educational institution prepared to respond in real-time?

Avigilon’s Visible Firearm Detection (VFD) System

Designed to detect, verify, and act in mere seconds, VFD is our answer to modern security challenges in schools. Empowered by cloud-enhanced AI, it identifies potential firearm threats with unparalleled accuracy.


Critical Features Tailored for Schools:

Instant Video Analytic Alerts
Ensure the safety of students and staff with AI-backed cameras that immediately detect individuals with firearms, triggering real-time alerts for campus security teams.


Human-in-the-Loop Verification

Even with state-of-the-art technology, we value human judgment. Our system incorporates human oversight, ensuring that alerts are genuine, fostering trust and enabling swift, informed action.

Cloud-Optimized Efficiency

With Unity Cloud Services, our VFD system is continuously improving. Schools benefit from minimal false alarms and consistent performance enhancements.

Focused Firearm Detection

Our system is discerning – it only alerts for firearms that are actively brandished. No distractions from holstered or unattended firearms.

Rapid Response Times

In school security, time is of the essence. VFD ensures on-site security personnel are notified within 5 seconds of detecting a potential threat.

Seamless Integration with Motorola Solutions

Streamline your school's security measures. VFD effortlessly works in tandem with Motorola’s advanced suite, from lockdown procedures with the Avigilon DMS to efficient communication via the Rave platform.

Why Schools Need Avigilon’s VFD

In uncertain times, a proactive stance is vital. With Avigilon's VFD system, schools can promptly detect and respond to threats, ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and staff. When integrated into the wider Motorola Solutions ecosystem, educational institutions benefit from a cohesive security response that prioritizes student safety and well-being.

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Invest in Safety, Invest in the Future

Ensure the security of your educational institution and provide an environment where students can thrive without fear. Learn more about how VFD can transform your school’s security dynamics.

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