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TWG Security provides end-to-end physical security solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes. Our custom engineered solutions provide immediate value to our clients for their security and operational challenges.



New generation surveillance cameras leverage IP technology and state-of-the art lensing to provide crystal clear images. Video surveillance is a system of one or more video cameras on a network that sends captured video information to a central server or appliance. Our systems provide proactive security to your business and drive operational awareness in real-time.

Benefits of HD Video Surveillance: 

  • Continuously protect your most important people, assets, and processes

  • Monitor day-to-day activity and utilize as a tool to streamline operations

  • Real-time and historical footage available for compliance, liability, and continuous improvement

TWG Security Partners:

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Access Control is the selective restriction of access to an area. TWG Security has solutions that provide an intuitive platform with secure credentials and mobile access. Our easily-integrated access control solutions are ready to deploy and can meet the compliance requirements in the various changing needs of your business. 

Benefits of Access Control: 

  • Access Control protects your physical areas from unauthorized access

  • Eliminates managing traditional keys and provides audit trails for user access

  • Provides alerts for forced entry and controls access to your facilities via schedules

TWG Security Partners:



TWG Security designs and builds high performance foundation networks optimized for the demands of security and business.  Our managed networks take advantage of proven best practices to provide security, up time, and scalability.  With our advanced wireless designs we can provide connectivity to difficult locations, provide redundancy, and seamless user experience.       

Benefits of Wireless & Infrastructure Networking: 

  • Allows you to work untethered throughout your facilities

  • Wireless networks can be extended to places in your organization that are not accessible for wires and cables such as poles and remote locations

  • Connect buildings together and provide backhaul connectivity


TWG Security Partners:

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Our video analytics technology is a sophisticated search engine that provides alerting capabilities for video surveillance. This solution sorts through hours of video with ease quickly locating a specific person, vehicle, or object to save time. Video Analytics alerting allows you to be proactive and actionable for specific events.

Benefits of Video Analytics:

  • Analytics provides unwavering attention to your environment by converting monitored video to actionable events 

  • Can reduce search time from hours to minutes 

  • Turn video into data for decision making and planning

TWG Security Partners:

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Our solutions include perimeter detection and alarm systems to prevent external threats from entering your premises. This integrated security solution provides video surveillance and access control to monitor in real time 24/7.

Benefits of Intrusion Detection Systems: 

  • Ensures quick and effective detection of known anomalies with a low risk of raising false positives

  • Accurately detects unauthorized people, objects, and vehicles on premises

  • Maintain regulatory compliance and meet security requirements across facilities and campuses

TWG Security Partners:

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ALPR allows you to create databases of license plates for real time alerts when vehicles of interest are detected. The information captured by the readers include the license plate number as well as the date, time, and location of every scan. 

Benefits of Automatic License Plate Reader: 

  • Capable of being fixed or mounted on street poles, streetlights, highway overpasses, mobile trailers, or vehicles

  • Helps maintain parking and flow controls

  • ALPR solution provides law enforcement with real-time field intelligence to improve situational awareness and keep communities and officers safe

TWG Security Partners:

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Our two-way radios are the perfect solution to meet all of your communication needs. These communication solutions come in a variety of packages including Hand-held Portable Walkie-Talkies, Land Mobile Radios, and Mobile Units.

Benefits of Critical Communication & Radios: 

  • Provides instant communication when needed most between your teams

  • Radios consist of multiple technologies that allow for specific solutions aligned to your needs including LMR, WiFi, and LTE 

  • Radios have long battery life, interchangeable batteries, and robust construction thus allowing them to be more durable in rugged situations


TWG Security Partners:


Our Quality Assurance Program is designed to provide immediate and long-term value to our clients. The program provides proactive device health monitoring, scheduled preventative maintenance, and technical service on an annual basis. These services assure your critical physical security systems are providing high availability and optimized performance on a continual basis. We provide flexible billing options to allow for easy budgeting with future monthly or annual payments.

A few key features and options:

  • Unlimited remote technical support

  • Prioritized scheduling for on-site service

  • Annual network topography of monitored devices

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance for Surveillance and Access Control Systems

  • Network configuration backups

  • Proactive health monitoring of servers and devices

  • Firmware patching

  • Operating system patching

  • Adjusted field of views and lens cleaning

  • Pre-purchased block of service hours (opex vs capex)

  • Configure video analytics and alerts

  • Planning, design, and engineering services

  • End user training as requested



TWG Security is the leader in enterprise-wide security technology solutions. We look forward to working with you to identify and implement an ideal security technology solution specifically for your needs.